Are You Interested
in Improving Your Life?

The Avatar Course reawakens your own natural
ability to manage your consciousness. The Avatar
Course will teach you how to create beliefs that
are aligned with your goals and life purpose, and
how to eliminate those beliefs that no longer serve
you. The tools you'll learn in the Avatar Course will
enable you to deliberately design and structure
your life so that it turns out the way you want.
It's what Harry Palmer calls "Living Deliberately".


Are You Interested
in Improving The World?

The mission of Avatar is to contribute to the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. If you resonate with that goal, if you’re interested in improving your life and the lives of others, come and take a closer look at the Avatar Course.



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Lori & Rich Brenckman are licensed Avatar Masters who have been delivering the Avatar Course since 1990. You can always find them at Planet Avatar.




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